In the early months of 2014 – after seven years of exhaustive research and preparation – Joseph Lenard and Donald Zoller published their monumental work The Last Shofar! – What the Fall Feasts of the Lord are Telling the Church.  This decisive study examined in detail the ancient, prophetic Biblical Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23) and proved conclusively that the Feasts accurately foretell God’s timing for the Second Coming of Christ and other End Times events.  The book was published by Xulon Press and remains available in various formats online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and several other non-traditional book re-sellers.

Late in 2016 it became apparent that the thelastshofar.net website was not adequately reflecting the fullness of scriptural insights which Joseph and Donald wished to express.  Consequently, this website was created in an effort to more fully showcase their scripturally-based works and to provide a platform from which to encourage, endorse, and reflect on the works of others.

In the several years since publication of The Last Shofar!, Joseph and Donald have individually – and jointly – authored other books and publications (covered under their respective selections on the main menu) and have assisted other Christian authors in the research, development, and publication of their own religious works.

The Last Shofar! remains central to this new site. However, Joseph Lenard’s newest book, Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed- His Birth, Death, Resurrection, and Ascensions is also featured on this site, as are individual blog posts of each of the chapters of that book.  For an overview and sectional index of chapter posts available on this website, click here.

Lastly, we will – on occasion – showcase the works of other theologians, writers, and critical thinkers whom we believe have something special to offer regarding Truth in Scripture. 

We sincerely hope that you will visit our site often as you continue your search for Truth in Scripture.

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