Learning to Suffer God’s Way


Suffering is not a favorite topic for casual conversation. It is politely avoided, We may ask ‘How are you?’ and the reply so often is ‘I’m doing okay’ or ‘just fine, thank you.’ Generally, to delve deeper into these conversation openers is considered inappropriate. Thus, we may never know what’s below the waterline, the hurt and pain the person is really experiencing. So often, only our doctor, pastor, or counselor knows the depth of suffering we are reluctant to share with others.

The title Learning to Suffer God’s Way suggests that, although we suffer, perhaps we are missing something. Perhaps there is another way to suffer than what is experienced by most people. Perhaps there is something to be learned, something of significance – eternal significance that can result from our suffering.

Learning to Suffer God’s Way will give us a fresh understanding when we are surprised by suffering. Our personal suffering will be seen as part of God’s plan to help us grow in our faith – to walk with Him. It will also help shape our conversation with others, to encourage them, to grieve with them, and to pray for them.

As you begin reading this book, pray that the Lord will speak into your life words of comfort and peace to bring you to a place where you can count it all joy in the face of your suffering.

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