Jesus’ Death and Resurrection – Summary Table

Note: The following Post is taken from the book by Joseph Lenard entitled Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed—His Birth, Death, Resurrection, and Ascensions. For an overview and complete chapter listing of this fascinating study, click here.

Crucifixion Week Chronology

The following table summarizes the days and specific events during the week of the crucifixion of Jesus.  The dates (9th, 10th, 11th, etc.) refer to the days of the Jewish month of Nisan (Abib) for AD 30, the year of the crucifixion. For the specific week and year of the crucifixion, the Pharisaic Passover was on Nisan 14 (per Leviticus 23:5); and First Fruits fell on Nisan 17 (the Sadducees’ First Fruits was always on a Sunday).

Day Date Jewish Event Jesus Event
Saturday 9th Passover Lamb selected
Sunday 10th Passover Lamb brought to the Temple Jesus enters the Temple
Monday 11th The Passover Lamb inspected Jesus interrogated by rulers
Tuesday 12th The Passover Lamb inspected; lamb sacrificed for Passover seder of Jesus with disciples Interrogation continues into 13th; Last Supper of Jesus
Wednesday 13th Mosaic/Sadducees’ Passover Lamb sacrificed; Day of Preparation for Pharisaic Passover Last Supper continues into night after start of Wednesday; Jesus crucified
Thursday 14th Mosaic/Sadducees’ Feast of Unleavened Bread; Pharisaic Passover Jesus buried – 3 days and 3 nights total
Friday 15th Pharisaic Passover/ Unleavened Bread (High Sabbath) -women purchased and prepared spices Jesus in tomb
Saturday 16th Weekly Sabbath – no usual work, but preparation of spices by women allowed to continue Jesus in tomb
Sunday 17th The Feast of First Fruits Jesus resurrected (Saturday evening/start of Sunday)

Women arrived Sunday morning at tomb – Mary of Magdala spoke with Jesus

Note: In my next Post I will discuss the scriptural references concerning “three days,” which serve as the basis for my arguments concerning the chronology of the week of Jesus’ crucifixion.


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