Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed

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Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed
His Birth, Death, Resurrection, and Ascensions

Note: Most of the chapters of this book are being released as blog posts, in advance of book publication. A complete chapter listing of anticipated posts is provided below, and direct links are provided to the posts which are currently available. Please visit the site often for the latest posts!


There are mysteries surrounding Jesus’ birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascensions (plural!). When and Where did they really happen? For over two thousand years, the church has supported incorrect places and times for the key events in Jesus’ life.

So how did the church get it so wrong? This has largely resulted from errors introduced by the Roman Emperor Constantine, as well as by his mother, Helena. Neither an archaeologist nor a Bible scholar, Helena set out to identify the places of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection during her trips to the Holy Land in the fourth century. Unfortunately, the sites Helena and Constantine identified were wrong.

Similarly, and for various reasons, the church has gotten it wrong on the dates of these important events of Jesus’ life. By listening to Helena and Constantine and others in church history – who did not adequately research the Scriptures – and by ignoring the testimony of reliable, historical witnesses, the church has built many of its traditions on erroneous information.

This book is an attempt to rethink the dates and places of Jesus’ birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascensions and determine what is true. Though I make no claim to possess the absolute truth regarding these matters, I believe that the evidence presented is strong and that the conclusions are worthy of serious consideration.

Some may question why this is all that important. After all, aren’t these holy sites of the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus primarily symbolic anyway? And why do we need to know actual dates? I would argue that to know Jesus as a real person – who was born and died in real places and at real times in history – is of strategic importance, because doing so helps to authenticate both the reality of Jesus and the reliability of the Scriptures. For example, correctly identifying the place of the crucifixion means that the teachings of the Old Testament regarding the sacrificial Temple offerings can apply only to Jesus in his substitutionary role.

Of unique importance is the fact that the events of the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus all occurred on specific days of the seven Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23). This book provides an insight as to how the four Spring Feasts of the Jewish calendar (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost) were literally fulfilled with the sacrificial death of Jesus in His First Coming to earth. In my previous book, The Last Shofar! (2014) – which I co-authored with Donald Zoller – we made the case that the Second Coming of Jesus will, likewise, literally fulfill the three Fall Feasts (Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles).

God’s plan of redemption for mankind focuses on Jesus Christ. As found in the biblical record, God has fixed the times and places to reveal His plan in history. The discerning eye will see how God uses the Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23) to announce to the people of Israel and to the world the unfolding of His plan of redemption – a plan that is anchored in time, place, and history to a real Jesus – with His birth, death, resurrection, and His coming again in the future.

Although little of what is presented in this book is original insight, it is the organization and presentation of the ‘whole picture’ that makes this work unique. Using direct scriptural references, historical documents, the works of reliable researchers, and bits and pieces of knowledge previously lost in history, this book presents strong cases. All sources are referenced to facilitate further study and investigation.

Jesus is the most important person in history and in our lives. We owe it to ourselves and to Him to get His real history correct, including His birth date, the place of His birth, and the correct days and places of His crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascensions. The information is available in the Bible as well as in recorded history, when correctly assembled.

Pieces of the Puzzle

Trying to establish the actual dates and locations for various events in the life of the Messiah has been a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed – His Birth, Death, and Resurrection has four primary topics: When Was Jesus Born; Where Was Jesus Born; When Were Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Ascension; and Where Were Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (I am also including two very special, bonus topics: How Did Jesus Really Die, and Where Was Herod’s Temple). Each topic required that I evaluate a great number of pieces of information. In the process, I found myself turning each piece over in my mind, imagining how the piece fit into the “big picture”- much as would be the case if I were actually pondering a puzzle piece in my hand.

In the end, from all of the accumulated information – my puzzle pieces – I was able to complete the “big pictures” for each of my topics. These were my completed puzzles.

You will discover – if you read the book – that I have incorporated puzzle imagery throughout the book, using images of completed puzzles and individual puzzle pieces.  You will also discover from the listing of book chapters below that I have incorporated that same imagery into the blog posts created from the book for this website.

Topic Puzzle Image – You will notice that each topic has an associated image, which represents a completed jigsaw puzzle.

Chapter Puzzle Pieces – Beneath each topic puzzle image are the chapters associated with that topic, some of which have a numbered puzzle piece as part of the chapter listing.  These specific chapter “pieces”, taken together, solve the puzzle for that topic.  Chapters which do not have “pieces” associated with them provide important information, nonetheless.

Blog Post Puzzle Piece Images – Each blog post has a header image stamped with a puzzle piece number (if the post represents one of the puzzle “pieces”). This piece corresponds to the numbered piece displayed in the chapter listing here.

It is my hope that this use of imagery will help to engage you in the solving of the various topic puzzles as you read the selections under each topic.

Please note that there is a direct link from the chapter listing to those topics for which a blog post has been published.

Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed
His Birth, Death, Resurrection, and Ascensions

Chapter Listing

                  When Was Jesus Born?

 Traditional vs Actual Date   Read Post

   Birth of John The Baptist   Read Post

   Astronomical/Zodiacal References   Read Post

   The Feast of Trumpets   Read Post

   The Wise Men (Magi)   Read Post

   The Star of Bethlehem   Read Post

   Roman History   Read Post

   The Death of Herod   Read Post

   Sabbatical and Jubilee Years   Read Post

 Sequence of Events   Read Post

 Conclusion: When Was Jesus Born?   Read Post

                 Where Was Jesus Born?
Photo courtesy of Abir Sultan/EPA,

 Traditional Site vs Actual Site   Read Post

 The Case for Migdal Edar   Read Post

 The Significance of Migdal Edar   Read Post

 Conclusion: Where Was Jesus Born?   Read Post

When Were Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Ascensions?

 Traditional Dates vs Actual Dates  Read Post

   Which Jewish Passover?   Read Post

   Passover Timing Issues   Read Post

   Timing of the Spring Feasts   Read Post

   The Passover Lamb   Read Post

   Two Sabbaths   Read Post

   Jesus’ Messianic Sign   Read Post

   Events After Jesus’ Death   Read Post

   Chronology of the Women   Read Post

   Visiting the Burial Site   Read Post

   Astronomical Considerations   Read Post

   Jewish and Christian Traditions   Read Post

Summary Table   Read Post

Hard Scriptures   Read Post   

How the Church Erred   Read Post

Two Ascensions   Read Post

Year of Death and Resurrection   Read Post

Conclusion   Read Post

Where Were Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Ascensions?
Image from painting by Frederic Edwin Church, 1870

 Traditional Sites vs Actual Site   Read Post

   Gospel Accounts   Read Post

   The Mount of Olives   Read Post

   The Red Heifer   Read Post

   Execution Area   Read Post

   Executions Outside the Camp   Read Post

   First Fruits Barley Sheaf   Read Post

   Pattern of Movement   Read Post

   Temple Location   Read Post

Conclusion   Read Post

How Did Jesus Really Die?

 Traditional vs Actual Cause   Read Post

   Jewish Stoning   Read Post

   Jewish vs Roman Law   Read Post

   Suffering Servant   Read Post

   Place of Stoning   Read Post

 Conclusion   Read Post

              Where Was Herod’s Temple?
Image courtesy of Associates for Scriptural Knowledge

 Introduction   View Post

   Jesus’ Prophecy

   Eye Witness Accounts

   Key Locations

   Spring Water

   Fort Antonia

   Haram esh-Sharif

   Temple Graphic

   Critique and Rebuttal

   The Temple Jesus Spoke Of

 The Rabbis Forgot