Coming Soon – New Video Series!

In the coming months we will be featuring something that we are very excited about.  Our good friend, Nelson Walters, has been hard at work creating a series of videos which explain definitively the timing of Christ’s return and other end-times events.  So much of what has been taught to generations of  believers has been based on tradition, hearsay, and wishful thinking.  Solid Scripture has long been absent from the most popular Rapture theories – including the Pre-Tribulation and Post-Tribulation theories.

In each of his eight 10-minute videos, Nelson has painstakingly documented the truth in Scripture regarding end-times events; and in the process he has laid bare the inconsistencies and fallacies of tribulation and end-times theories which have for centuries misled the faithful into complacency and/or fatalism.

Keep watching for this exciting video series from Nelson Walters.  Or visit Nelson on his blog site at for other wonderful teachings regarding Truth in Scripture and the end-times.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the latest book from Joe Lenard: Mysteries of Jesus’ Life Revealed. Click here for more information.